Weekend with Dan Hines

March 6, 2020 - March 8, 2020
Friday, March 6, 2020 - Sunday, March 8, 2020 7:00 pm - 10:00 am
Offered by Wisdom Centre
5940 Lakeview Drive SW


Save the Date!!

Dan Hines will lead us in a weekend lecture and workshop Friday, March 6-Sunday, March 8, 2020 at St. Laurence Anglican Church.

Friday, March 6 – Wayfinding as Life: Disorientation and Reorientation

Wayfinding is the traditional art and skill of navigation over water or land. Dan will share what he has been learning with the blessing of Hawaiian navigators, as the art of wayfinding experiences an ongoing cultural rediscovery in the Pacific. The teaching for all of us living in complex times is that wayfinding is more than a practical method to voyage expanses of water. It is a way of being that comes to us from traditional wisdom. Wayfinding offers profound insights for how to live a human life.

Dan teaches ‘sandbox style’ with the use of visual imagination, storytelling, scientific knowledge, and meditations.

Saturday, March 7 – The Courage to Lead: Navigating Complexity

We all confront the difficult challenges of these uncertain times. We rely on our courage. This is even more necessary when we are in times of personal or professional transition. We can become doubtful and confused about how to navigate the choices we must make.

Courage is a virtue celebrated all around us as brave heroism: as bold acts of willpower in dangerous moments. Yet, there is more subtle form of daily courage that arises from a deeper source than the will. This courage is simply honoring what is true. A life of courage is following the guidance of the quiet voice of inner knowing. One can say courage is who we are and what we do when we are being true to our most whole-hearted selves.

In this workshop, we will encounter our capacity for courage. We will reflect on our lives in an inclusive, safe, and disciplined space as a Circle of Trust© and guided by small group practices inspired by the teaching of activist and writer Parker J. Palmer. We will explore in storytelling, evocative readings, visual images, inner reflection, guided meditations, and facilitated discussions what traditional wisdom, our spiritual teachings, and open-ocean navigational learning may reveal to us.

Sunday, March 8 – Preaching at the 10:00 am service


Mentored by social thinker and writer Parker J. Palmer, Dan serves as an international Courage & Renewal facilitator and leadership consultant for individuals and for business, educational, and religious organizations. As co-founder of the intentional community, RareBirds Housing Co-operative, he has a passion for exploring alternative living, innovative housing, and a more sustainable relationship to the land. Dan is an Anglican priest. He has run for public office and is involved in grassroots community work in Canada. He is returning to China in 2019 for six months to facilitate leadership workshops and for consulting work.

“I strive to create a more just, compassionate and healthy world. One of my callings is to help nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it. I’ve found that when leaders bring integrity and humanity to the places where they live and work, it is life giving. It helps to overcome the destructive results of so much of what I witness everyday: moral failure, distrust, stress, isolation, fatigue and burnout.

I am inspired by the competent and compassionate individuals who provide leadership in some of society’s most crucial roles: educating children and young adults, healing others, caring for patients, leading faith communities and congregations, guiding teams and organizations, serving in government, and fostering civic community.”