The Shaw Transformational Leadership Program

January 1, 1970
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The Shaw Transformational Leadership Program

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
– John 10:10

Transformational church leadership is leadership that changes lives and congregations. It is rooted in Christ’s promise of abundant life and your sense of call and vocation. Faithful and effective leadership begins with you living authentically and in full alignment with God’s deepest purposes for your life and ministry.

This program will identify your leadership strengths and help you to live and work at the enlivening and dynamic edge where passion, skill, and the Spirit’s guidance all intersect.

The Shaw Transformational Leadership Program has been designed with input from experienced experts in leadership training. It incorporates hands-on practical insights together with the presentation of rigorous research findings highlighting key elements of effective leadership training.

Our goal is to help you to live authentically each day with a clear sense of your vocational purpose and a commitment to building soulful relationships with all those whom you serve. During this program we will work with you as you design a personal leadership development plan based on making realistic and significant changes that are consistent and congruent with your deepest values and calling. You will be encouraged to set challenging, specific, and achievable goals that are sustainable and balanced. A six-month follow-up phase will provide you with the support and accountability needed to ensure the integration of these insights into your daily routine.

We believe that God is calling for church leadership that transforms lives and congregations. This program is designed to help you become that kind of leader.

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