The Secret World of Mid-life Coupleship: A Transformational Relationship Workshop

April 19, 2012 - April 22, 2012
Offered by Naramata Centre

The Secret World of Mid-life Coupleship:

A Transformational Relationship Workshop

19 April 2012 – 22 April 2012

Are you in a committed, long-term relationship, that is fifteen – thirty plus years? Or, are you an older couple in a second relationship? Do you find that your coupleship has lost its luster? Do you desire to rejuvenate your relationship? Are you uncertain as to what to do? Challenges are not resolved at the same level in which they were created. Transformation is required. But “How?” is the resounding question?

This workshop will provide you and your partner, with the opportunity to not only learn and practice skills, but also to experience a shift in consciousness within yourself and the coupleship to bring resolution to the struggles presently challenging the relationship. You can heal the wounds that bind and rediscover passion and love in your relationship. Come and experience the difference that makes the difference.

Rarely do couples have the opportunity to nurture, heal, and transform their relationship in an atmosphere of confidentiality, safety and support. Mid-life has a broad definition. This experiential workshop has more to do with the length of time together and the kinds of issues that arise and less to do with age.

Diane combines high impact, experiential, transformational, learning techniques along with personal anecdotes, action and humor to make this workshop experience life changing and memorable for the participants.

Cost: $1,050 per couple plus taxes (private room)

Thursday, April 19 5pm to Sunday April 22 1pm

Leader(s): Diane Monteith and Sandra Forsyth

The Presenter: T. Diane, MSW, MCS, RSW, and Clinical Member of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT.) Diane’s thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist, integrated with extensive training in couple therapy, allows her a special ability to understand and effectively facilitate couple transformation. Having grown up in family of boys, Diane has a unique personal style that combines the yin and yang, the male and female. In her search for more effective and efficient avenues of change, Diane has created this couples workshop knowing that is ‘the difference that makes the difference’. ?

Co-facilitator is Sandra, MSW, RSW, who has twenty-five years experience as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Both Diane and Sandra have a private practice in Calgary, and in Penticton, at the Okanagan Wellness Centre. For more information go to their web site at:

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