The Leadership Development Program

January 1, 1970
Des MoinesNM

Leadership Training & Development

Leadership Training & Development At Casa Mandala

The Leadership Development Program The Mandala Center has two challenge courses. The “low” course includes a number of elements that allow groups to enhance their ability to work together as a team. The “high” ropes course sets individual challenges as each person learns to face their fears, and that they can really do anything they set their minds to. In addition, training of mind and body through meditation, personal centering, exercise and challenge programs opens up new possibilities and new levles of cooperation.

Groups that are interested in developing their abilities are ivited to come to use the courses, and so to explore how body, mind and spirit interact in setting and reaching personal and group goals and potential.

The massive slopes of Sierra Grande offer further opportunities for various types of wilderness challenges through hiking and other outdoor adventures.

Leadership Training Activities at the Mandala Center serve to:

increase self-esteem and self-confidence

develop trust and the ability to ask others for help

develop team building skills

develop problem solving skills

develop a sense of responsibility and accountability to the community

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