Tantur Scholars & Research Program

February 17, 2014 - December 31, 2016


Scholars & Research

In the 1960s, Pope Paul VI along with Protestant and Orthodox scholars envisioned an institute that would be designed for scholars to live in residence and to pursue their individual research in a community setting. The program is not a set of academic courses. However from time to time scholars meet in colloquia to discuss each other’s work.     

Our goal is to provide scholars with the basic tools they need to research and write.To this end a well-stocked library was developed with over 70,000 volumes and 400 journals, one of the largest theological libraries in the region. In addition, our library has wifi and individual study rooms available to our scholars-in-residence to set up their own office. Scholars have 24-hour access to our library.

Jerusalem is also a rich academic environment and thus our visiting scholars have access to other specialized libraries in the city, from the Israeli National Library at Hebrew University, to those of the Ecole Biblique, the Albright Institute and others. Tantur welcomes junior and senior scholars in theology, biblical studies, church history and other disciplines, especially in ecumenical or interreligious fields. For scholars coming with families, we have furnished apartments available for short or long-term stays.


Scholar’s Program

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