Starting Well: First Years in Ministry

January 1, 1970
Offered by Knox College

Knox College

Toronto School of Theology – Continuing Education

Starting Well: First Years in Ministry

With denominational staff in the area of ministry and education from The Presbyterian Church in Canada and the United Church of Canada.

For those in the first 3 years of ministry.

Program: June 2006

This 3-year program involves annual gatherings of new ministers, for reflection on their contexts and participation in collegial groups. The modular format of this program makes it possible to enter the program in any year, without having attended in previous years. The event is open to those ordained/commissioned in the last 3 years and to all those who participated in “Starting Well” for the first time in 2004 or 2005.

The session will address the following issues:

how do I find balance in ministry?

how do I address boundry/relational issues?

how do I stay spiritually healthy?

how do I deal with difficult people?

Learning activities will include lectures, small and large group discussions, personal reflection, worship and examination of case studies. Each participant will be asked to prepare a brief case study, according to an outline that will be provided. The event will provide opportunities for each minister to address his/her personal concerns arising out of his/her practice of ministry.

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Sponsored by the Churches’ Council for Theological Education (an ecumenical foundation); Emmanuel College; Knox College; and denominational staff in ministry and education from the Presbyterian and United Churches.

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