Spiritual Development Retreats

January 1, 1970
Des MoinesNM

Spiritual Development

The Mandala Center wants to acquaint people with the strength and peace available by entering into a greater awareness of the spiritual life through meditation and contemplation. This practice has positive effects on the body, mind, and spirit. New possibilities and new ways of looking at life are opened up.

One’s spiritual life ideally includes an atmosphere in which we can be encouraged and loved through the difficult and challenging times of our lives. Prayer and meditation practice are the pathways to spiritual reorientation.

The Mandala Center seeks to assist people in discussing what seems to be missing in life, what it is that they are looking for, and how they can find greater enjoyment and satisfaction. How do we go about doing that? This may include teaching those who come to increase their knowledge and skills in prayer or meditation in order to help people find balance in their lives. In order to accomplish this, the Mandala Center offers programs that:

Provide training in spiritual process, to deepen the spiritual journey

Promote personal transformation through self-knowledge, understanding and awakening to higher consciousness, reorienting people to work for the common good

Provide an open and accepting forum for the exchange and exploration of beliefs and ideas, thus promoting spiritual awareness

Encourage the integration of spiritual consciousness into every aspect of life

The Mandala Center will be glad to discuss hosting organizations who wish to plan their own special small-group retreats.

Group Retreats

The Mandala Center welcomes groups or organizations that would like to plan their own special small group retreats. Church groups or other organizations will find it is a peaceful, beautiful and inspiring setting that allows groups an opportunity to do planning, reflection or team building.

Individual Retreats

Individuals are also encouraged to schedule their own private time for retreats in a very special place. Please call for reservations for your own time of renewal, rest and personal growth. Many of those who come use this time for reading, journalling, praying, hikes on the mountain, and enjoying nature. There is also a labyrinth that you may walk – an ancient spiritual tool that enables one to make an inward journey, and is an excellent method of walking meditation. We would love to have you come stay for a few days.

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