Spiritual Activism

July 30, 2017 - August 5, 2017

Spiritual Activism – G17S811

Workshop ID: G17S811
Dates: July 30August 5
Price: $575.00$1,295.00

Join us in creating a time and space of connective togetherness where we will collect our fragmented selves and harness the power of the collective. ‘Spiritual Activism: Working with Ancient Wisdom,’ helps us balance body and spirit, align heart and head. Experience environmentalism based in soul, activism based in heart, and worship based in love, with many traditions coming together to open our spirits to ultimate Presence. Our instructors offer a full week program of healing for the body, mind and spirit. The sessions span the topics of multi-faith activism, human interdependence and the use of creativity as a tool for uniting and overcoming difference.

Participants come away having reframed their outlook on faith, difference and the individual’s relationship to community and will be capable of facilitating more humanitarian exchanges with one another. This workshop will also invite participants to experience their spiritual ties to the land. Not all classes will be held indoors, and participants will be invited to go on hikes as they consider their ties to the sacredness of this land. ‘Spiritual Activism: Working with Ancient Wisdom’ will inspire present and future leaders to build a legacy, not only investing in people but in Mother Earth as a whole. By obtaining the knowledge to heal and respect our earth, we can begin to work towards a more compassionate, conscious and collective future.


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