South Korea: A Pilgrimage of Prayer

September 14, 2015 - September 24, 2015

South Korea: A Pilgrimage of Prayer

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A Journey of the Heart

Seoul, Korea
September 14-24, 2015

Shalem’s first-ever pilgrimage to Korea will be one of prayer—an opportunity to open our hearts ever wider and respond more fully to the living Spirit in a land that historically has had more than its share of turmoil, conflict, tragedy and heartbreak. South Korea is also a land of great natural beauty with a vibrant capital city and is the home of an ebullient people with tremendous resilience and deep spiritual yearning. What a privilege to join in prayer and to discover—beyond language, culture and distance—the heart-strengthening possibilities of contemplative spiritual community!

We will begin our pilgrimage in Seoul where we will immerse ourselves in Korean culture and history and meet with our Shalem Korea partners, leaders who have been working with Shalem for nearly a decade and who are bringing contemplative practices to Korea. We then travel on to the beautiful and serene Gangwha Island to connect with some of the oldest Korean churches and meet with a Korean Buddhist scholar and a Shaman priest, two traditions that continue to impact the spiritual landscape of Korea.

The capstone of our journey will be a two-day retreat with Shalem Korea participants for a time of deepening prayer and opening to God’s gracious Spirit. After the retreat, we will travel to the Demilitarized Zone, where many have prayed before us, before returning to Seoul for an evening of praying for peace. Through all our experiences we will seek to remain open and responsive, trusting that our Journey of the Heart will be part of the Spirit’s unceasing transformation of the world.

About Shalem Korea

For the past 10 years, Shalem has worked with emerging contemplative leaders in South Korea. Their sense of need for contemplative grounding in the midst of many cultural challenges has been compelling to us.  A number of these leaders have participated in our long-term programs, and our leaders have traveled to Seoul to work with them. Two years ago, Shalem Korea was officially launched with a mission to nurture contemplative living and leadership in Korea.

Pilgrimage Leaders

Carole Crumley, an Episcopal priest, is a well-known pilgrimage leader and serves as Shalem’s Pilgrimage and Senior Program Director.
Ambrose Kim, an Episcopal priest, is a Shalem Korea staff member, a graduate of all three of Shalem’s long-term programs, and an aspirant for the Franciscan third order.
Oh-Sung Kim, a Methodist pastor, is a Shalem Korea staff member, a graduate of Shalem’s Personal Spiritual Deepening Program Leadership Conference, and has served in ecumenical youth organizations for a number of years.

Jin-Kwon Lee, a Presbyterian pastor, is a Shalem Korea staff member, currently serves Min-Jung Church, and works for peace education and nonviolent communication.
Leah Rampy, a Presbyterian laywoman, is Shalem’s executive director and has served on staff for Shalem’s pilgrimages to Iona and Cuba.


Includes room at three different retreat centers, most meals, transportation within Korea, entrance fees to sites on the program and Shalem leadership. Does not include transportation to Seoul, Korea, or transfers to and from the airport. (This transfer process is simple and easy. More information will come after registration.)

Payment Schedule

$500 non-refundable deposit due now
$1,443 due by June 1, 2015 (refundable until July 15, 2015)
$1,442 due by July 15, 2015 (no refunds after July 15, 2015)

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