Seniors’ Week: Mark, Mission, and Modernity with Harold Munn

June 12, 2016 - June 17, 2016
Offered by Sorrento Centre
Sorrento BC
SUNDAY, June 12 – FRIDAY, June 17, 2016

Seniors’ Week
Mark, Mission, and Modernity
with Harold Munn

Herold Munn

Evangelizing in a secular context has been a difficult challenge for the modern church because so many of our foundational faith assumptions no longer carry much weight with people of our time.

Many of us are puzzled by our grandchildren not attending church or even being baptized.

We will explore what has changed and what has not changed in the way secular people see the world, and we will find in Mark’s gospel some directions which may enable effective evangelism in our day.

HAROLD MUNN is a relative youngster, having only five years official experience as a senior, during which he taught for three years as an Anglican mentor at the Vancouver School of Theology, and is now interim Priest in Charge at St. Anselm’s on the UBC campus. Prior to that he taught high school in East Africa, led parishes in the Yukon, then Christ Church, All Saints’ Cathedral, and St. Michael’s in Edmonton, and finally St. John the Divine in Victoria. He and Claire revel in three grandkids, in an occasionally slower pace of life, and laugh a lot. Claire paints and has deep insights about people, Harold finds science and faith fascinating and thinks that Anglicanism holds some valuable wisdom for our time.



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