Scholars Program

January 1, 1970

Scholars Program


The Tantur Ecumenical Institute welcomes junior and senior scholars in theology, biblical studies, church history and other disciplines, especially in ecumenical or interreligious fields. The program is not a set of academic courses but the opportunity to pursue research in a residential community of learning (from time to time scholars meet in colloquia to discuss each others’ work). Tantur has a well-stocked library of 70,000 volumes and over 400 journals. Scholars have access also to local specialized libraries (e.g., École Biblique, the Albright and Rockefeller Archeological Institutes, and Hebrew University). Our favourable costs for living in expensive Israel are made possible by the Tantur Scholarship Fund


Partial scholarship means paying a subsidized price for these services, lower than other scholars and students. The rate paid by scholars-in-residence does not meet the actual costs, so constitutes a partial scholarship. Thus all scholars-in-residence should meet these requirements:

Scholarship is primarily for those with graduate degrees who are teaching in theological seminaries, in departments of religious studies, or in other institutes of religious education. It is also available to those junior scholars who already are in the midst of writing their directed theses on an ecumenical or interreligious topic.

A reasonably good ability to read and speak English is necessary.

Applicants must submit a brief outline of the projected research at Tantur. Strong preference is given to a topic in broad ecumenical and/or interreligious fields.

Full scholarship covers tuition, room and full board for a period of two to four months, from early September until May. Exceptions can be made for those who can only stay less than eight weeks. Because of the limited annual amounts in the Scholarship Fund, Tantur can offer full scholarships only according to these guidelines:

The requirements listed under Partial Scholarship (above).

Preference to an applicant who is in a teaching position in Asia, Oceania, Africa, Latin America, or Eastern Europe, and will return to that position.

Preference to one whose application has been first processed by a competent agency (church, or ecumenical, or educational), which initiates and recommends the request.

Strong preference to one who has a partial scholarship from another source. In such a case, Tantur works out the matching funds.

A full or partial scholarship never includes travel expenses to and from Israel, funds for accompanying spouse and/or children, or personal expenses during the stay at Tantur.

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