Rural Ministry – Online

September 9, 2020 - December 9, 2020
660 Francklyn St.
HalifaxNSB3H 3B6
Continuing Education Offering

About this Event

Rural Ministry

Instructor: Linda Yates

Dates: September 9th – December 9th, 2020

Fee: $250.00 (Continuing Education participants)

Format: Online

Rural Ministry can be intensely spiritually rewarding even as it is challenging. Increasingly, worship and program delivery take place in multi-point collections of congregations spread out over every larger areas. We will explore how leaders can offer theologically grounded, community-empowering rural ministry. We will explore the challenges of isolation, personal boundary-setting and the lack of other resident professionals. Issues of gender, Truth and Reconciliation responsibilities, sexual orientation, racialization in rural areas will be examined. We will investigate innovative practices in rural ministry from around the world.

Please Note: This Continuing Education program is non-credit, meaning it cannot be counted toward a degree or diploma.

For Questions please contact:

Jane Bolivar, Continuing Education Convener, AST

[email protected]