River of Life: National Online Suicide Prevention Certificate Course

January 1, 1970
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River of Life: National Online Suicide Prevention Certificate Course

The most innovative Aboriginal youth suicide prevention training is entitled the “River of Life”.

A unique online training program that enables community members to recognize and enhance the protective factors within the community while mitigating the risk of suicide. This interactive and structured learning experience will equip community members with the skills necessary to implement and mobilize communities in a collective effort to prevent Aboriginal youth suicide


The Centre for Suicide Prevention and Millbrook Technologies Inc. entered into a strategic alliance to bring forward an innovative online training program to assist community members in an effort to change the current rising trajectory of Aboriginal youth suicide.

The curriculum for the River of Life program has been developed in consultation with Aboriginal people. To ensure that the program was delivered in a culturally competent, safe and sensitive learning environment we have reached out to Elders, youth and subject matter experts across the country. After three years in development, we are pleased to offer this online program. We invite and encourage you to mobilize your community and participate in this most aggressive national training initiative ever for the prevention of Aboriginal youth suicide.

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