Restoring the Great Peace Treaty: Living in Respect with the Animally Watery Earth

July 8, 2019 - July 9, 2019
08 July, 2019
12:00 PM

Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, RR#3 NS

Jul 8 – Jul 9, 2019 Mon 12:00 PM – Tue 4:30 PM

Our days together will place us in the good company of wild Water, Duck, Heron and Eagle, and Cree Elder Rev. Stan McKay and Bob Haverluck, stories, songs, scriptures, comic art, the Holy Spirit and one another. (But maybe, not in that order.) Together we shall rehearse ways of reconciling with the Earth and Her creatures that we have been part of making among the least, the lost and the last. We shall help one another in the good task of beginning again and again to help mend and make as new the Animally Watery Earth.

  • Music will be led by church and jazz musician Lloyd MacLean of Common Cup.
  • ASPIRE Facilitation support will be provided by Wilf Bean and Kathryn Anderson.

This program is rooted in the Christian tradition.

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Can’t afford it?

Please register as normal and indicate “partial bursary” or “full bursary” in the payment options and we will get in touch with you.

Leadership – Bob Haverluck

Bob Haverluck has long led conferences and workshops on our faith and the care of the wounded earth. In 2018, Bob’s art exhibit, “Repair and Maintenance of Mother Earth and Her Lovers” was part of the Muskoka Summit on the Environment where Bob was invited to give one of the opening presentations to the 200 plus field scientists and researchers. Here as in recent events in Toronto, Winnipeg and Victoria, Bob will share stories and reflections from his When God was Flesh and Wild: Stories in defence of the Earth ( Liturgical Press, 2017) . At present, Bob is working with grandmother, philosopher , ecological activist Kathleen Moore on a book attending to ecological activism , weariness and hope. Stan and Bob have worked together many many times over the years. And Bob looks up to Stan who is a lot taller.

Leadership – Stan McKay

Stan McKay is an elderly man who is sometimes referred to as an elder. In my early years on the Fisher River First Nation, I learned about life on the land and followed my Grandmother to collect “sweet water” from the spring by the river. I observed my family gardening,trapping,hunting and fishing.

I have committed many hours to discussions about implementing the Calls to Action from the TRC. I have determined that reconciliation is about much mare than humans being with humans in a good way. Bob Haverluck has convinced me that our relationship to the world(all of creation) is central to the conversation. We have shared in many events that encourage discussion about the care for creation.