Religion and Foreign Policy: The Global Challenges of Religious Pluralism

June 22, 2013 - June 23, 2013


Religion and Foreign Policy: The Global Challenges of Religious Pluralism


Saturday June 22 and Sunday 23, 2013

3520 University Street, Birks Chapel, Montreal, QC



The resurgence of global religions poses new opportunities and dilemmas for foreign policy and international relations. This conference offers a constructive conversation that bridges the theoretical work of leading scholars in the academy and professional expertise of the foreign policy specialists. The exchange brings together keynote speakers and participants from a diverse set of religious and regional contexts –Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America—to provide an exploration of the complex impact of religion on international relations that is sensitive to diverse geo-political perspectives. The format of the two-day conference includes: keynote addresses with respondents and discussion, forums that provide working sessions for participants and presenters, and panel discussions.

Conference Theme: While engaging foundational issues in this emerging field, the conference focuses on the critical question of religious minorities and religious pluralism. The rights of religious minorities have become major sites for conflict and unresolved tensions in international relations. The conference will examine diverse approaches to religious minority issues in the academic and foreign affairs communities. A series of forums with position papers or briefs by academics or foreign policy professionals will offer an opportunity for participants to engage concrete issues and case studies in diverse regional and religious contexts.


“Religion and Foreign Policy: The Global Challenges of Religious Pluralism” is sponsored by:

Inaugural Birks Forum in the World’s Religions and Public Life

Organized by McGill’s Faculty of Religious Studies, as part of the Initiative in Globalization and the World’s Religions, in partnership with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation