Prairie Jubilee Program: Practical education in spiritual formation, soul development, and the art of spiritual direction.

September 20, 2012 - September 27, 2012
Offered by
Fort Qu'AppelleSK

September 20-27, 2012

This is a new intake of the two year Prairie Jubilee Program. All residencies are held at Calling Lakes Centre. Watch for further information about this intake.

In the Prairie Jubilee Program we base our work on two major concepts/symbols: Jubilee and the Enneagram. For us Jubilee is a call to live God’s vision of Shalom and hope for the world. It is a soul vision: an invitation from the heart of God to live the mystery of love here and now.

The Enneagram symbol’s depth of wisdom makes it an ideal guide for an examination of spirituality and the inner landscape of soul. The Enneagram is a dynamic structure of energy, a spiral of nine gateways into the mysteries of love and consciousness. This ancient symbol offers a process and a structure which encourages contemplation and imagination. It provides principles for transformation with the aim of attaining inner freedom for the service of humanity and the cosmos.

Through these two concepts/symbols we as a staff strive to live our lives and to be resources for the Program. We also see these two forces as being active in the life and work of Calling Lakes Centre. We hope that our partnership will provide many opportunities for people to “live the mystery of love here and now.”

You can read more about us and the program on our website at:

For more information about the Prairie Jubilee Program contact Rick McCorrister.

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