2020 Summer Dream & Spirituality Conference – Registration

Haden Institute (The)

We are working to ensure that the Summer Conference will be held May 24 – 29, 2020. We may gather at Kanuga as originally planned, we may hold the Conference online this year, or we may combine these options. Kanuga is currently closed as part of their efforts to comply with social distancing initiatives. We do not …
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Turbulent 2020s: A Theological Field Guide with Anna Greenwood-Lee and Christine Conkin

Sorrento Centre

“Turbulent 2020s: A theological field guide” Nobody quite knows what is coming for the 2020s but most agree that it is going to be turbulent. Join us as we: – Get real, even if it means getting smaller – Reimagine Jesus (not as a bigot) – Don’t just think about it – Get off our …
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Building Intergenerational gaps within Ethnic Immigrant Churches

Canadian Council of Churches (The)

Join Our Next Webinar – April 29th 4pm EDT Every church is shaped by generational differences. This can take the shape of the often asked question of why an age group is not present (every generation in Canada has its own “culture”). Perhaps in the distant past yours was an immigrant church and the negotiation …
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Faithful Innovation Summit

Luther Seminary

Sharing Jesus in a Secular Age The challenges facing the church are deeper than just institutional decline. We live in a culture where not even belief in God is assumed—let alone Jesus, let alone church participation. How might the Holy Spirit be calling us to communicate the gospel in such a context? That’s what this …
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NEW Howard Thurman: The Writing of Jesus and the Disinherited

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

In the contemplation of the earth, I know I am surrounded by the love of God. — Howard Thurman Shalem retreat day leader Lerita Coleman Brown has created this retreat day to further explore Howard Thurman’s life and contemplative witness and what it might mean for us in today’s challenging world. Centered on Thurman’s writing …
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