The Boundaries Course

Isaiah Forty Foundation

We were created for relationship. God’s word in creation, “It is not good that the man should be alone,” echoes out to all of us. Today, we find ourselves in many, many relationships, with intimate partners, parents, siblings, children, friends, colleagues, and church-friends. How would our lives be different if those relationships were more healthy? …
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The Art of Coaching Teams

Luther Seminary

What you will learn Can you honestly say you are meeting all the needs of your congregation? Is that even possible? The truth is that it doesn’t matter how motivated, dedicated, or organized you are, it’s still impossible to do everything yourself. And it’s critical to have others you can depend on. You need a …
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The Gospel of Matthew: Life in the Way of God

Luther Seminary

Experience the life and teachings of Jesus through art, reflection, and application What you’ll learn The Gospel of Matthew is full of implications for how we can live (and even thrive) in the 21st century, but they may not be clear without first understanding the deeper context. Having a complete framework—from the historical and the …
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Rediscovering Hope: Encouragement for Rural Ministry

Luther Seminary

Cultivate a rural ministry of hope and discipleship. What you’ll learn If you live and serve in a rural community, you know that your challenges are different from those in urban or suburban contexts. And all too often, ministry resources that have been created for for urban and suburban churches just don’t make sense in …
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