Quarterly Gathering – School of Celtic Consciousness

Five Oaks Centre

Theme – Peregrinations pro Christo Participants will be invited into the call of wandering in search of the Christ in the world. We will delve into the concept of pilgrimage as an openness to being led by the Divine in our wandering search. Like St. Columbanus and other Irish monks of his time who might have declared that they would “rove to rest”, …
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Healing and Wellness: Spiritual Wholeness in Light and Shadow

Five Oaks Centre

With David Giuliano, Renee Thomas-Hill and Amira Ayad Come join us for a time of learning and renewal at Five Oaks this fall. This 2.5 day program is led by three speakers from different cultures and faith traditions. It is a time of shared learning, being deeply rooted in one’s own faith or spiritual tradition, …
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Jane Austen in a Week

Gladstone's Library

Ethics, aesthetics, women’s agency, print culture, theology, landscape conservation, education – these are some of the topics with which Jane Austen’s characters wrestle in her six major novels. Austen represented key cultural debates through the varied and, at times, clashing perspectives of iconic figures such as Marianne Dashwood, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and Emma Woodhouse. In this …
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CLAY 2020

Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY)

When & Where Is CLAY 2020? CLAY 2020 will be at The Southern Alberta Institue Of Technology in Calgary, Alberta. The gathering will take place August 20-23, 2020. What is En Route? “Weren’t our hearts on fire within us as Jesus was talking with us on the road, and as he was opening the scriptures …
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“Introduction to Healing of Memories” Course Leader – Fr. Michael Lapsley, SSM

Institute for Healing of Memories

Duration: 23 March until 1st April 2020 (International participants to arrive on the 22nd March) Location: Cape Town, South Africa Language of facilitation: English Closing date for applications: 10 February 2020 Course fee: USD 1,200 (include workshop accommodation, meals, training material, transport and all excursions related to the course)   The Institute for the Healing …
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