Independent Study For Ministry Professionals

Princeton Theological Seminary

INDEPENDENT STUDY FOR MINISTRY PROFESSIONALS Come to the seminary campus to rest, reflect, and study.   Need to plan your study leave? This program of self-directed learning is perfect for pastors, Christian institutional leaders, lay professionals, and scholars.  Stay in the Erdman Center, steps away from the seminary Library, where you may study and explore its …
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The Princeton Forum On Youth Ministry

Princeton Theological Seminary

THE PRINCETON FORUM ON YOUTH MINISTRY APRIL 23-26, 2019 This event is for Christian leaders who minister with young people. At the Forum we bridge the church and emerging ministries with the academy. We believe that youth ministry and theology belong to each other. We think that lives and communities are transformed when theological reflection meets …
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Cultivating Teen Faith In Context

Princeton Theological Seminary

THE INSTITUTE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY FAITH FORMATION IN YOUTH MINISTRY How can your congregation better form the faith of its young people? Join the Institute for Youth Ministry in partnership with the Confirmation Project for an online course spanning three weeks—January 27–February 16, 2019. This course is self-paced so that you can complete the work in your own …
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Clergy Couples: When Both Serve

Princeton Theological Seminary

CLERGY COUPLES: WHEN BOTH SERVE Tuesday, February 12 – 14, 2019 Overview Couples in ministry share a unique set of joys and challenges and this program is designed to help clergy couples address these challenges together.  Over the course of the program, The Reverends Keon and Tamieka Gerow will help new and seasoned clergy couples …
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ASPIRE Foundation Program: Facilitation, Design and Leadership 2019

Tatamagouche Centre

ASPIRE Foundation Program: Facilitation, Design and Leadership 2019   Jun 9 – Jun 14, 2019 Sun 5:00 PM – Fri 1:00 PM  “I feel that I can apply this to my life/work”  “I feel with the ASPIRE model – the potential for personal and social change is clear.”  “Another successful, transformative, empowering experience with the Tatamagouche Centre!” …
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