The Anger Iceberg Workshop

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Getting Angry is only the tip of the Iceberg. Anger is a secondary emotion. Understanding the cause of anger is the first step to managing it. This Workshop will identify the causes of anger and explore our own beliefs and  patterns of response. Learn how to respond to anger on a day-to-day basis in a …
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Surviving Separation and Divorce Workshop

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Surviving separation and divorce is one of the worst experiences of our lives. The process involves intense emotions of grief, anger, sadness and deep hurts. Learn how to navigate these emotions and explore the stages involved in the healing process. Through personal sharing, receive support and reassurance that you are not alone and that others …
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Power of Forgiveness Retreat

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Understanding forgiveness is the first key to being able to forgive. Learn how to identify the stages of forgiveness on the journey to letting go. Explore how to release negative emotions of hurt, anger, blame and hatred so you can live more fully alive. This Retreat will provide a caring and nurturing environment to work …
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Organizational Leadership and Decision Making in a COVID-Shaped World

Calvin Theological Seminary

Using student submitted case studies from a variety of leadership settings and contexts, this course will engage students in curated conversations about effective leadership in an ever changing world. Students will engage focused and generative reading designed to spark their leadership imagination. These readings will be enhanced by engaging lecture material that seeks to encourage …
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Faithful Anti-Racism in a Global Context

Calvin Theological Seminary

This course will survey the global influences and far-reaching impact of American Christian racism. We will discuss the global phenomenon of white dominant evangelicalism, the currency of colorism, the essential components of caste systems, and the complicity and strengths of Christianity in racialization and anti-racism. INSTRUCTED BY: Christina Edmondson  

Creating Congregations of Belonging for People of All Abilities

Calvin Theological Seminary

People with Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, learning differences, dementia, medical challenges, and other differences of ability are treasured by God and should be treasured in every church. This course provides the framework and practical tools to shape a congregation where people of varying abilities and disabilities can participate and belong. INSTRUCTED BY: Rev. LaTonya McIver …
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Certificate in Leadership Excellence

Vancouver School Of Theology

The Vancouver School of Theology educates and forms Christian leaders for the 21st century. Leadership in the contemporary church requires administrative and managerial excellence. Addressing this need does not in any way minimize the importance of theological education, which remains the centre piece of our work at Vancouver School of Theology. However, the ability to …
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VTS List of Courses for Auditors at the Master’s Level

Virginia Theological Seminary

The Auditor Program is design for those interested in taking master’s level courses at the Seminary without enrolling in a degree program or receiving credit. This option is designed for alumni, clergy, and lay leaders seeking continuing education opportunities. Students who already have earned a bachelor’s degree may apply to be an Auditor, a status …
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Full List of Trinity Wall Street In-Person Retreats

Trinity Retreat Center

With the hope that we will emerge from the pandemic later this year in a way that will allow us to gather in West Cornwall, we are taking registrations for in-person retreats starting in August 2021. The health and well-being of everyone—our guests and staff—is our highest priority. Guests will be required to be fully vaccinated or …
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