Composing Your Spiritual Memoir

Spirituality & Practice

Everyone inherits hurts, secrets, and strengths. We all hold stories of family, faith, failure, and forgiveness. Everyone has a book in them. It’s called a memoir. Memoirs, like libraries, are a collection of tales. The more generously libraries lend their treasures, the more they become themselves. Libraries don’t produce stories to sell; they offer quiet …
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2022 Young Adult and Campus Ministry Leadership Conference

TEC/ECUSA--Episcopal Church of the USA

he Young Adult and Campus Ministry Leadership Conference will be held in Minneapolis, MN this summer! Please join us June 14-17 for a week of rest, reflection, learning, worship, play, and more. This conference is an opportunity for Episcopal leaders in ministry with young adults on and off college campuses to connect with one another, …
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Creating Congregations of Belonging for People of All Abilities

Calvin Theological Seminary

People with Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, learning differences, dementia, medical challenges, and other differences of ability are treasured by God and should be treasured in every church. This online course provides the framework and practical tools to shape a congregation where people of varying abilities and disabilities can participate and belong. INSTRUCTED BY: John. D. …
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Embodied Discipleship in a World That Has Gone Virtual

Calvin Theological Seminary

As Christians and congregations are both racing to find new rhythms of life and worship during this pandemic, essential aspects of discipleship and corporate worship are surfacing. At the congregational level, church leaders are working hard to find ways of serving their communities amidst an enormous and unexpected decentralization and digitization of church gatherings. In …
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Christian Mindfulness and Pandemic Life

Calvin Theological Seminary

This course provides an introduction to mindfulness within a Christian perspective, applying the practice to the context of the Covid-10 pandemic and other current events. Participants will be expected to engage in reading, writing, discussion, and mindfulness practice. INSTRUCTED BY: Irene Kraegel, Director, Center for Counseling and Wellness, Calvin University | Author, The Mindful Christian …
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Exodus: An Online Bible Study

Yale Divinity School

Zoom | January 10 – February 14 | 8 pm Eastern | 6 Sessions The Exodus is the central event for the Hebrew Bible, and for Israel’s identity. The episodes that make up this story – the enslavement of Israel, the call of Moses, the plagues, the crossing of the sea, Sinai, the Ten Commandments, …
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Religions and Ecology: Restoring the Earth Community

Yale Divinity School

Enroll in these free courses from Yale University and Coursera to understand the ecological teachings and practices of religious traditions across the planet. These Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) explore the ecological dimensions of the world’s religions. Developed over the course of several years, they draw on a rich variety of lectures, videos, readings, and …
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Shaping a Faithful Life: Pathways to Discernment and Discipleship

Virginia Theological Seminary

“What is the meaning of the experience I am having?” “How can I follow Christ more faithfully?” “What would that even mean?” In this four-week online class, we will explore questions to connect your faith life with your daily “work.” Using scripture, poetry, meditations, and prayer, you will explore various tools to discern how you …
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