Ottawa School of Theology & Spirituality Winter Term

January 12, 2015 - March 16, 2015
Ottawa ON

Ottawa School of Theology & Spirituality

Mondays, 12 January – 16 March 2015

7:30 pm to 8:20 pm

G.  Some Like It Hot – Theological Approaches to Hot Topics
Rev. Trisha Elliott, Minister, award-winning religion writer, former Dean of OSTS

How does our theology affect the way we view public issues? How do our theological perspectives inform our take on today’s hot topics? We’ll discern and discover our approaches to theological thinking and then apply them to hot topics in a creative, collaborative and respectful learning environment Integral Spirituality: Towards a New Understanding of Religion

H.   Vatican II and You
Catherine E. Clifford, Professor of Theology, Saint Paul University, and Director of the Research Centre on Vatican II and 21st Century Catholicis

The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) was arguably the most significant event in the past century of religious history. This course explores the central teachings of the council and considers how this event continues to shape the life of Christian churches today, including relations between Catholics and other Christian churches, with non-Christian religions, and with the wider society.

IH.  Scoundrels in the Bible
Rev. Cheryle R.C. Hanna, Minister, Fourth Avenue Baptist Church

In this Course we will examine ten of the ‘bad boys and girls’ of the Hebrew and Christian scripture. We will look at the qualities that give them their unfortunate monikers and the ways those qualities were used to forward the plans of God. We will ask the question of ourselves, “Is it ever ‘good’ to be bad?”

8:40 pm to 9:30 pm
J.  . The Reformation
James T. Hurd, Pastor, Parkwood Presbyterian Church, Ottawa

The Protestant Reformation, a spiritual and religious transformation altering the course of history, is widely regarded as beginning in 1517 when Martin Luther posted 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg. Join us and explore the major theological themes and the reformers responsible for bringing this movement to fruition.

K.  Humour and Faith
Amy Pauley, PhD Canidate, Lecturer, Saint Paul University, Ottawa

Kierkegaard argues that humour is a gateway to the religious way of life. For Lonergan, the humourist connects us with God while we laugh together at our common foibles. This course seeks to understand such positive theologies of humour by relating them to other theories and forms of the comic.

L.  . Spirituality, Leisure, and Space for God
Dr. Paul Heintzman, Associate Professor of Leisure Studies, University of Ottawa

This course will examine: Christian understandings of leisure throughout history; biblical themes related to leisure, especially Sabbath and rest, relevant to a biblical understanding of leisure for today; the relationship between work and leisure; and the role of leisure in spiritual growth.

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Structure: 10 weeks of classes per term; 50-minute class with a 20-minute coffee break
Text Books: No text books are required to be purchased.
Exams: No exams are written, we just ask for your evaluation of the course.
Location: All Saints’ Anglican Church, 347 Richmond Road, west of Churchill Ave.
Transportation: OC Transpo bus routes #2 and #18
Facilities: Free parking on Madison behind church. Wheelchair accessible. or Pierre: (613) 730-2060; Martha: (613) 730-6902

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