Mutual Ministry Visitors Weekends

January 1, 1970

The Episcopal Diocese Of Northern Michigan

VISITORS WEEKEND in the Diocese of Northern Michigan

Visitors Weekends are designed to offer an opportunity for persons interested in the experience of congregations in Northern Michigan who have been seeking to develop Mutual Ministry.

Each Weekend begins with an orientation session in Marquette at 9:00am on Friday. The orientation is a critical part of the Weekend and it is important that all participants be present. As such, we strongly recommend using Thursday as a travel day.

Following the Friday morning and afternoon sessions, an informal meal provides a setting for participants to come to know one another and to pursue questions raised during the orientation.

On Saturday, the group travels to one or more regional points in the diocese to meet with members of several congregations who have experienced Mutual Ministry first hand. Storytelling, questions and answers, and general discussion lasts into the early afternoon, at which time the visitors divide into groups of 4-5 which then travel to individual congregations who have a Ministry Support Team in place.

Saturday evening is spent with members of the host congregation, and on Sunday morning a Eucharist is experienced with local priests, deacons, preachers, and others sharing liturgical leadership. Following an opportunity to visit with the congregation, the visitors return to Marquette where a debriefing session is held over Sunday supper and into the evening. Special emphasis is given on relating the experience to one’s home setting.

It is recommended that Monday be reserved as a travel day for the return trip.

For overnight accommodations, visitors may choose between staying in a motel at one’s own expense, or staying in a private home. The availability of accommodations in private homes may be limited. If you need a motel recommendation, we will be happy to make suggestions.

Those traveling by air can be met at the Marquette airport. Those traveling by car are asked if they have space to offer rides to visitors without vehicles for travel within the diocese on Saturday and Sunday. It is occasionally necessary for one or more cars to be rented, the expense for which is shared by visitors who are in a position to contribute.

There is a registration fee of $175.00 per visitor for the Weekend. This helps to cover some of the costs of meals, materials and miscellaneous expenses related to hospitality during their stay in the diocese.

For further information, contact Jane Cisluycis at the Diocesan Office: 131 E. Ridge St., Marquette, MI 49855 ( 906-228-7160 ; 800-236-0087 ), or by email: [email protected].

For more information please visit the website.

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