Music: The Spirit of Improvisation & Courage

August 20, 2012 - August 24, 2012
Offered by Five Oaks Centre
Paris N3L 3E3 ON

August 20-24, 2012.

Music is a force of harmony that teaches us to be better listeners and better communicators.

During this time at Five Oaks we will learn musicianship skills from basic to advanced, including sound production and quality, deeper listening, vibration response, rhythm and movement, melody inventions, songs as stories, and harmony knowledge. You will discover through demonstration, practice and reflection how to put these skills into your daily routine after the week is over. We will relate our musicianship to life issues such as stress reduction, memory enhancement, body energy work, voice work, emotional intelligence, clearing mental blocks, personal history, family dynamics, cultural sensitivity and phobias, improvisation, living in the moment, renewing hope, forgiveness, understanding different personalities, group management, fellowship, leadership, laughter and peacemaking.

No Experience Necessary! This workshop can accommodate individuals with experience in music and those who have little or none at all. You can find your own balance between whole group, small group and individual activities. We will explore some world instruments, as well as many exercises, strategies, activities and handouts to enable your skills and reflective practice. A keyboard will be available on site. You are welcome to bring your instruments, or other creative art materials for inspiration. Poetry, dance, drama, visual arts, etc can be incorporated into this inter-disciplinary program. Interested participants are invited to email Kenny to discuss how their interests/needs can be accommodated.

Leadership: Kenny Kirkwood is a Juno Award winning jazz musician and workshop facilitator for over 10 years. He creates interactive music-play strategies to enhance events in community, church, school, health care and corporate environments.

Kenny has taught over 500 families over 20 years in his private music practice, working with all ages from moms and tots, children, youth, adults and elders to help develop their inner musician, something to which we all have a birthright. A certified primary teacher, he hopes to share his experience of people and culture from many backgrounds of the Four Directions: American First Nations, African, Asian and European. Visit Kenny’s website at

This program is being offered as a part of our Week of Creativity where four arts-based programs are being held at the same time. Our days will be framed by gathering in community with those from the other arts programs for reflection and worship. On Thursday evening we will gather for a ‘Summer Celebration’ where the general public is invited to share in the creative work that has unfolded during the week.

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