Multicultural Ministry and Mission

November 9, 2015 - November 13, 2015

Multicultural Ministry and Mission, Bossey,  9-13 November 2015

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Multi-cultural ministries reflect directly the changing ecclesial and global landscapes with migration and increased levels of diversity. They are confronted with tremendous personal, cultural, economic, and religious challenges. Among them, the issue of racism together with other forms of discrimination and marginalization are crucial tasks for Christians, the churches and the ecumenical movement. Involving persons representing multi-cultural ministries, this seminar helps to explore further a key area concerning the mission statement Together Towards Life and the “Mission from the Margins”.

The seminar is an intense week involving classroom teaching, contextual/exposure learning, and reflection. The module that is offered can be used both at ordination training or post ordination training. By the end of it students will be equipped with understanding, practical tools, and key competencies for ministry and mission in 21st century multicultural contexts.

The following broad topics will be addressed:

  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Biblical and Theological Foundations of multi-cultural ministries
  • Ecclesial Models
  • Multiculturalism in Context
  • Worship & Liturgy
  • Leadership
  • Inter-Generational relationships and learning
  • Challenges concerning migrant communities: globalisation, colonialism/post colonialism (incl. world mission), international development and the free market, cultural politics, race, and human rights and their role in globalisation.

The primary target group for this seminar are representatives of multi-cultural ministries and church leaders, theologians, missiologists, etc. who are interested in the subject

This activity will be implemented in collaboration with the Ecumenical Network on Multi-Cultural Ministries (ENFORMM) and the Mission and Evangelism team, i.e. Rev. Dr Katalina Tahaafe Williams, Rev. Dr Raafat Girgis, and Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum.

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