Mi’kmag Herbal Healing 2013

June 28, 2013 - June 30, 2013
Tatamagouche BOK 1VONS


Jun 28 – Jun 30, 2013 Fri 7:00 PM – Sun 1:00 PM $365.00
“I especially enjoyed Judy’s total comfort with what she does. It is so obvious to me that she uses the plants all the time.” – 2012 participant

“I enjoyed making my medicine pouch- it was a very wonderful experience!!” – 2012 participant

“I liked the practical elements- seeing actual plants, sampling some remedies, making some remedies.” – 2012 participant

“Especially enjoyable was the planting of the medicine path and learning about Mi’kmaq traditions” – 2012 participant

Our land is our medicine.  Walk through the woods and fields gathering medicinal plants and making preparations. Participants will learn about the traditional healing properties of the plants and the cultural traditions which have been used by the Mi’kmaq people. You will have an opportunity to create your own medicine pouch and follow the remedies that have been passed on through the generations. 

Program Cost: $375 ($220 tuition + $155 meals/accommodations)   

Please register at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your place in this program.


Judy Googoo

Judy GoogooJudy Googoo never visited a hospital while growing up in Baddeck and Wagmatcook. All her medicines were prepared by her mother and grandmother and passed on over time. Judy is an Elder who has been studying and cataloguing medicines from this region infusing her own experiences and practices with traditional knowledge.

Judy is also an artist and makes jewelry which she sells at her log cabin shop on the reserve. She owns a variety of businesses and raises a wide assortment of animals including love birds, turkeys, goats and horses in her home in Wagmatcook. 

Trudy Watts

Trudy WattsTrudy Watts, Program Resource Group (PRG) facilitator. Trudy has been involved in anti-nuclear, environmental justice, First Nations and Latin-American solidarity, Green Party and diversity campaigns since the 1980’s.

Trudy is an avid gardener and herbalist. Tatamagouche Centre’s Living Traditions Herb Garden, started by Trudy in 2006, expresses her interest in honouring cultural knowledge of medicinal plants.