Learning to Heal at a Deeper Level

July 13, 2013
Niagara Falls ON


LEARNING TO HEAL AT A DEEPER LEVEL – led by Dr. Sebastian Fazzari

Event Date: July 13, 2013
Event Details: July 13 – Saturday, 9:30 am – :3:30 pm

To heal at a deeper level, we need to trust the wisdom of higher levels of consciousness and to let this wisdom guide us without questioning it.  This is what is needed at all times.  In order to allow the higher level of consciousness guide us, we need to learn to use our intuition to help us understand what is taking place within the aura, both ours and someone else’s.


Participants will learn to use the gifts of Divine Wisdom to work with higher consciousness and increase their perception and the power of the healing energies by using imagery, drawing the aura, and learning to read the inner signs.

Cost: 65
Cost Details: Please register before July 10th
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