Learning to Face Your Phobias- led by Dr. Sebastian Fazzari, Ph.D

November 30, 2013
Niagara Falls ON


LEARNING TO FACE YOUR PHOBIAS – led by Dr. Sebastian Fazzari, Ph.D
Event Date: 30/Nov/2013
Event Details: When you are confronted with having to face something that you have been avoiding for a very long time it can be both a frightening and daunting task.  However, the daunting task can be broken down into small steps so that one can gradually learn to face the frightening situation in small increments that will permit the individual to cope effectively with a phobia.  Phobias tend to develop as a result of becoming sensitized to a particular stimulus causing the individual to experience anxiety.  In order not to feel the anxiety, the individual learns to avoid the situation.  The avoidance is rewarded because it saves the individual from re-experiencing the anxiety.  At the point where the individual begins to always avoid the situation, a phobia is developed.Participants will be given mechanisms to desensitize themselves or to break the connection between the anxiety and the particular situation causing it.
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