Learning to Become Assertive-led by Dr. Sebastian Fazzari, Ph.D

September 20, 2014
Niagara Falls ON



LEARNING TO BECOME ASSERTIVE-led by Dr. Sebastian Fazzari, Ph.D

Event Date: 20/Sep/2014
Event Details: In order to become assertive one must learn to become self-aware.  It is also important to know what one wants because one has to learn to ask for what one wants.  As humans we have certain basic rights and certain basic needs; we must learn to treat our needs with respect and dignity.  Learning to become assertive is a way of developing self-respect and self-worth.  If one grows up in a home where on felt the need to be perfect and please the parents, one often ends up doing many things that one does not want to do.  Consequently, resentments arise, which in turn produce tension and open conflict in one’s relationships.

By learning to become assertive one can begin to express one’s true feelings and needs more easily.  Assertive behavior also brings increased respect from others.  Participants will be given mechanisms for alternative behavior styles that allow them to avoid aggressiveness and submissiveness.

Cost: 65
Cost Details: (includes lunch)
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