Leading Well: Equipping for Leadership in God’s World

November 18, 2014 - November 21, 2014


Tue, Nov 18 – 3pm
Fri, Nov 21 – 12pm


Rev. Richard Bruesehoff
Jim LaDoux
Tom Morgan

Leading Well: Equipping for Leadership in God’s World
This learning event is designed for ALL those who serve in leadership roles in which they are called to be intentional about shaping others for ministry.
Rev. Dick Bruesehoff, Dr. Tom Morgan, Jim LaDoux, Tammy Devin, MatthewShort

Leading Well Institute…Equipping for Leadership in God’s World

A 3-Year Curriculum for Leaders of Vital, Healthy Communities of Faith

What Can I Expect? What are the Outcomes?
Participants will:

  • Practice what it means for you to live and lead well
  • Explore your gifts, strengths and values, and their implications for how you lead
  • Understand your ministry contexts
  • Refine your capacity to work effectively with staff and volunteers
  • Take time for worship, prayer, rest and fellowship


  • Pastors who lead a ministry staff team
  • Pastors and other congregational staff members who work with paid staff and volunteer
  • Congregational health ministers, youth ministers, education directors, music and worship directors and others who work with paid staff and volunteers
  • Those who are newly called to lead a ministry team and those who are interested in sharpening their team leadership skills

Leading Well Institute Workshop Presenters for Year 2014/2015
Dick Bruesehoff, Portico Benefit Services
Tammy Devine, Portico Benefit Services
Jim LaDoux, Vibrant Faith Ministries
Tom Morgan, Augsburg College Matthew Short, St. Luke Lutheran, Slinger, WI

*The 3-Year Curriculum dates are listed below. You may start at any year and are highly encouraged to attend all 3 years of these courses.

November 18-21, 2014
November 17-20, 2015
November 15-18, 2016

January 27-30, 2015
January 26-29, 2016
January 24-27, 2017

*Cost – Register Early & SAVE!
Participant – $755 *(goes up to $795 on 10/1/14)
Includes program, 3 nights double occupancy lodging and 9 meals
Non-Participating Spouse – $375 Includes 3 nights lodging and 9 meals
Commuter – $540 *(goes up to $580 on 10/1/14) Includes Program and 9 meals
*Fees are per event, not for all 3 years                       

Early Registration Fees
Good through Tuesday, September 30, 2014
$540.00 Commuter (None Available)
$755.00 Shared Room w/ Bath
Regular Registration Fees
$580.00 Commuter (None Available)
$795.00 Shared Room w/ Bath
NOTE: Additional fee for Non-Participating spouse/partner is $375–includes lodging & meals. To register a spouse/partner, pay by check, inquire about a private room and/or desire additional lodging nights, register with Cyndy at (480) 488-5218
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