Lay Worship Leaders Second of six Weekends

March 15, 2013 - March 17, 2013
Offered by
Fort Qu'Appelle SK






Friday, March 15 (6 pm supper) to Sunday, March 17 (1 pm)

Perhaps your church is yearning for lay leaders to come forth and offer their gifts when ministry personnel are away or when your pastoral charge is moving through a time of vacancy. Or perhaps you might have an interest in lay leadership but feel a need for support, encouragement and opportunities to develop your skills before stepping forward? If either of these situations rings true for you, then we would invite you to consider participating in our upcoming Lay Worship Leaders Program or passing the information on to others you wish to encourage.Along with fulfilling the initial requirements for certification as a Licensed Lay Worship Leader, for those interested, this program offers opportunity to grow spiritually, delve into a variety of themes relating to worship, open your mind to reading that expands one’s thoughts, and develop worship leadership skills. Book reflections, written assignments, sermon and liturgy writing and worship leadership are part of this program. Come with your doubts and joys to join with a group of faith-filled people called to this important area of ministry.Dates in 2013: June 21-23 and Nov 1-3, 2014 dates TBA

Investment in Learning: $300/weekend (On weekends that you are unable to attend, you are required to pay the registration fee of $125 to cover ongoing administration costs.)
Decision Day: March 4


Financial assistance is available. You are encouraged to seek financial assistance from your local pastoral charge and the Educational Funds of your presbyteries and conference. Calling Lakes Centre also has a bursary fund and application forms are available by contacting our office.


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