July Wisdom School

July 21, 2013 - July 27, 2013
Collegeville MN 56321-5888


July 21 — July 27


Archetypal Wisdom from Christian Hermeticism
and the Journey of the Soul

Led by Lynn Bauman and Ward Bauman

From its beginnings, Christianity has expressed multiple streams of wisdom that coalesced around the teachings of Jesus. Early Jewish, Apocalyptic and Platonic understandings contributed to its wisdom teaching, as well as sources that are not as familiar to us today such as Hermeticism. The stream of wisdom known as Hermeticism has played an important role throughout the centuries as a system of signs, and more recently has been reexamined by an important modern visionary—Valentin Tomberg in Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism. We will enter this stream together through a form of learning using archetypes and methodologies congruent with the stream itself which fully engage the whole human person as we make this critical journey of the soul through space and time.  Our work will focus upon the third and fourth Arcana or archetypes, in particular.

Here’s what reviewers have said about Meditations on the Tarot and its contribution to contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition:

“It is simply astonishing. I have never read such a comprehensive account of the ‘perennial philosophy.’ There is hardly a line without some profound significance. To me it is the last word in wisdom.” — Father Bede Griffiths
“This book, in my view, is the greatest contribution to date toward the rediscovery and renewal of the Christian contemplative tradition of the Fathers of the Church and the High Middle Ages.” — Thomas Keating, OCSO
“The book begs not only to be studied cover to cover, but also to be savored, meditated upon and assimilated into one’s life.” — Richard W. Kropf, National Catholic Reporter


Cost: $720

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