Introduction to Healing of Memories

March 29, 2016 - April 7, 2016
Cape Town
South Africa

“Introduction to Healing of Memories”

Course Leader: Fr. Michael Lapsley

Duration: 29 March – 7 April, 2016 (10 days)

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Language of facilitation: English

Closing date for applications: 27th of February 2016

Course fee:

USD 1,200 (include workshop accommodation,

meals, training material, transport and all excursions

related to the course)

The Institute for the healing of Memories seeks to

contribute to the healing journey of individuals,

communities and nations. Our work is grounded in

the belief that we are all in need of healing because

of what we have done, what we have failed to do,

and what has been done to us.

Specifically the course aims to

introduce participants to:

T he Healing of Memories healing process and


T he fundamentals of Healing of Memories practice.

Programme includes:

A n Introduction to the philosophy and work of the

Institute for Healing of Memories.

Participating in a Healing of Memories workshop

and the Second phase workshop dealing with anger,

hatred and forgiveness.

Healing of Memories pedagogy and praxis with

special reference to people living with HIV/AIDS,

people in prisons, refugees and post war trauma.

E xploring themes of forgiveness, reconciliation and


Visiting a local community to explore models of

community healing.


Fr. Michael Lapsley, founding member and Director

of the IHOM will be the lead facilitator on the

course. IHOM facilitators take a participatory

approach, emphasising experiential learning. In

addition to the full-time tutors, resource specialists

from external institutions will conduct sessions on

particular topics.


The course is open to participants of all faith

traditions, ideologies, cultures and sexual orientation.

If you have special needs that you fear may affect your

participation please let us know. Every effort will be

made to accommodate these needs.


Limited funds are available to support those unable

to raise the full fees. Scholarships will be awarded

primarily on the basis of the context the applicant

and their need for such training. Other factors taken

into account include prior experience, diversity of

applicants (age, gender, nationality, experience etc)

and the demonstrated commitment and motivation of


For further information on IHOM and the “Introduction to Healing of Memories” course please contact:

Fr. Michael Lapsley SSM [email protected]

Fatima Swartz [email protected] /

[email protected]


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