Interim and Transitional Ministry: Weeks One and Two

March 4, 2013 - March 8, 2013


Interim and Transitional Ministry
Weeks One and Two

March 4-8, 2013
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, NYC

5th Avenue Presby2The interim pastor is recognized as a specialized position in many mainline denominations. Judicatories increasingly encourage congregations to call an interim while in transition between installed pastors, a time that may vary in length from one to three years. Pastors come to interim ministry from varied backgrounds; some are new graduates from seminary, others are at mid-career, and many are retired ministers who wish to continue in service.

In partnership with the Synod of the Northeast (PCUSA), the School of Christian Vocation and Mission at Princeton Theological Seminary is pleased to offer Weeks One and Two concurrently (that is, separately and at the same time). Ecumenical participation is welcomed and encouraged. The curriculum for both weeks has been standardized by the Presbyterian Interim Ministry Consortium, which coordinates events at regional sites across the country.

Week One

This course is designed to provide the basic skills for ministers who have just begun their interim ministry, or who are looking to explore more the transitional nature of ministry in the church. It is also an introduction to interim ministry for ministers contemplating this form of service as a future calling.

Participants will explore the unique dynamics of congregations in transition, the work of the intentional interim pastor as leader in transition time, biblical foundations for interim ministry, and judicatory relationships. 

Week Two

This advanced program is meant to broaden and build upon the skills acquired and practiced after Week One. Participants will engage in group reflection and learning grounded in the specific practice of interim ministry.

Faculty Leader

GMeekGavin Meek Gavin has served in ordained ministry for almost 25 years, almost 15 years in interm/transitional ministry, serving 7 congregations in 6 states. He has been a part of the interim ministry faculty for over 5 years and has taught at Montreat, Union Seminary in Richmond, Princeton and NYC. He is presently serving as the Interim Pastor in Katonah, New York and a member of Hudson River Presbytery.

Seminar Leaders

TJonesTimothy Jones Tim served for 23 years as a pastor; 14 years as an Executive Presbyter before doing 5 interim pastor positions and 5 presbyteries as interim Executive Presbyter. He teaches Weeks I & II at Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA and Montreat Conference Center. He also teaches the Executive Track at the Synod of Mid America/Lincoln Trails and Montreat. He is presently serving as a transition consultant with the Synod of Lincoln Trails and as Interim Pastor at the Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Columbus, OH.

LRollinsLibby Rollins Libby has been involved in Interim Ministry for 11 years, serving 6 congregations in a variety of positions. She joined the teaching team five years ago and has taught Weeks I and II at Montreat Conference Center, Union Presbyterian Seminary, and Atlanta, GA.

Registration Requirements

The cost of this program is $450 and includes program and food. There is information on accommodations when you register for Week One or Week Two. Please read the Registration and Cancellation Policy. Participation in the entire program is necessary for certification.

Week One

Ministers of the Word and Sacrament (PCUSA) are strongly encouraged (though not required) to present written approval prior to attending this program. Sample approval language would include an attestation the participant is a ‘member in good standing’ and may be endorsed by the Executive Presbyter, Stated Clerk, or Committee on Ministry Chair. This attestation may be physically or electronically mailed. Registration is limited to the thirty six participants.

IFPL Register ButtonTo register, please call 609-497-7990 or click here to register online and pay with a credit card.

Week Two

Participants must present proof of successful completion of Week One within the previous five years, and be in current service as an interim. There are reading and writing assignments that are to be completed prior to arriving. Registration is limited to a minimum of seven and a maximum of twelve participants.

IFPL Register ButtonTo register, please call 609-497-7990 or click here to register online and pay with a credit card.

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