Four-Week Summer Program

January 1, 1970

Four-Week Summer Program

Course description

Many who work in the church—priests and pastors, religious, teachers of religion, parish workers, as well as committed laypersons – receive an opportunity to rest and breathe a different air in the summer. For those who want to use such time for intellectual and spiritual renewal the Tantur Ecumenical Institute offers its four-week summer courses in Jerusalem.

What characterizes this program is the context of the Holy Land—”the fifth gospel”. To read the story of Jesus and the first Christians in the context of this “fifth” gospel shapes not only our understanding of the Scriptures, but also of how our Christian faith is embodied in concrete, complex reality. While we do many guided excursions to the land (among them a five-day trip to Galilee), we focus not only the stones of archeological remains, but also study the “living stones”—the local Eastern and Western churches in their difficult situation as minorities who share land and life with Jews and Muslims.

The course is an ecumenical experience in itself. The participants—usually from many Christian traditions and denominations—form a learning community, not only in the classroom, but also in sharing meals and conversation, traveling together and praying together. The community meets every evening for worship prepared by an ecumenically blended group of residents. On Sundays all are encouraged to participate in local liturgies, and on weekdays often there is opportunity for Eucharists according to the tradition of the participants and availability of presiders. Everyone contributes to the community’s growth by standing for one’s own spirituality and being open to learn from those of others.

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