Finding Meaning-led by Dr. Sebastian Fazzari, Ph.D

November 29, 2014
Niagara Falls ON


FINDING MEANING-led by Dr. Sebastian Fazzari, Ph.D

Event Date: 29/Nov/2014
Event Details: Existential psychologists use the term “existential anxiety” to refer to the type of anxiety that is caused by not being able to reach one’s full potential in life.  Existential anxiety is a vague sense of tension, boredom, or desperation that arises from feeling held back and from living with a feeling of incompleteness, that something very vital is missing from life.  A lack of meaning can cause the development of panic attacks and phobias because one feels trapped or confined or unable to escape.

Spirituality is a universal concept.  It does not refer to any particular religion, but to a basic sense of the existence of a larger purpose to life that transcends the human order.  Spirituality can lead to such qualities as inner peace and serenity.  Participants will be provided with a set of questions designed to stimulate their thinking in formulating their personal goals and directing their energies towards what is important to them.

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