Doing Worship Differently

May 21, 2012 - May 24, 2012

Doing Worship Differently


May 21-24, 2012

Mon 6:30 dinner thru Thurs lunch

Program $435

For over 25 years, John Bell and his colleagues
have worked with ordained and
lay people in mainline churches, enabling
them to find new ways of expressing themselves
in song, the sharing of scripture and
liturgical action. This event will reflect on
insights and practices which are meant to
be shared.

The liturgy of the Christian churches has
always been in transition. We do not celebrate
eucharist as either the first or fifteenth
century Christians did. Our churches
have changed shape as much through
ecclesiastical philosophy as architectural
fashion. Hymns which our grandparents
sang can sometimes cause embarrassment
when suggested for public use today.

However, in our contemporary context the
growth of mega-churches, the influence of
televangelists and the popularity of saccharine
spirituality and success theology
can confuse Christians who want to be
loyal to their biblical and denominational
roots. The appeal of worship products
rather than processes can lead to cheapness
and gimmickry.

So what is essential to preserve and what
can we change?

John Bell and his colleagues work across
the globe but principally in the UK and
North America. Here, at Kirkridge, he will
share good insight and good practices
which have enabled new life to emerge in
local worshipping communities.

John Bell is a member of The Iona Community
and the Wild Goose Resource
Group. He is a hymn-writer, author and
occasional broadcaster, but retains a primary
passion for congregational song. He
lectures, preaches and conducts seminars
across the denominations.

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