“Do You See What I See?”

August 4, 2019 - August 10, 2019
Offered by Sorrento Centre


with Mari Pighini and John Day

August 4 – 10, 2019Slideshow image
with Mari Pighini and John Day
“Do You See What I See” is a one-week interactive workshop aimed towards anyone who is interested in using observation and documentation as a way to learn more about one’s child in a way that is descriptive and non-labelling, and in becoming aware of reflective parenting practices. The audience will include parents, caregivers, and educators (among others) raising and/or working with young children (birth to 9 years).
The workshop’s title is inspired on Eric Carle’s children’s book “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see.”  Using images, videoclips, and shared personal and professional experiences, we will draw from the child and their temperament, or “the way we are” and describe the child’s traits (for example, their predominant mood, high/low activity levels, ways to approach new situations, and levels of persistence, among others). We will also draw on the notions of “ordinary moments” and “natural occurrences” that allow us to observe −and learn from− the child, thus moving away from a prescriptive assessment model and more into documentation practices used both in children’s programs and at home.
In the reflective parenting/caregiving component of the workshop, we will also pay attention to ways in which parents and caregivers can become aware of the ways they relate to children, how to shift some ways of parenting that may not be working, starting with the everyday routines, that some respectfully call “rituals.” This reflective parenting component enhances the observation and documentation aspect of the workshop through the examples presented and shared.

Mari Pighini, Ph.D. is a lecturer in Early Childhood Programs (ECE) at UBC Faculty of Education, Pt. Grey Campus. Mari is the course author of Observation and Documentation offered through UBC ECE programs. In addition to her work as an instructor and as a researcher in the fields of early childhood/special needs education, Mari brings her experience as a resource teacher and infant development consultant, and as a parent and auntie of young and not-so-young children.


John A. Day is a retired family counsellor who dedicated his last 30 years working with parents and caregivers through Family Preservation and Reunification Programs (formerly Project Parent in-Home), Family Services of Greater Vancouver. John’s experiences working in in-home family settings and with small-group facilitation are also grounded in his extensive work as a child-care worker−together with his own experiences as a parent and uncle to definitely not-so-young children.

Course fee: $335

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