Divine Renovation: Rediscovering the Missional Church (Directed Study)

June 15, 2020 - June 26, 2020
Fee: $250.00
660 Francklyn Street
HalifaxNSB3H 3B6


Divine Renovation: Rediscovering the Missional Church (Directed Study)

Instructor: Rev. Lisa Vaughn

Be inspired and equipped to help your parish/congregation to move from a maintenance mode of church to a missional approach to life and ministry. The course focuses on nurturing new disciples, encouraging faith formation, and leadership. This unique study opportunity involves ongoing research on one’s own, and interaction with the course instructor.

Fee: $250.00

June 29- July 10 (class times TBA)

“Please note: Taking part in summer term intensive courses as a non-credit Continuing Education participant involves attending all sessions, reading the assigned materials, and joining in discussions. Some instructors may require assignments. If you wish to take any of these courses for credit, please contact Dr. Susan MacAlpine-Gillis at [email protected].”


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