Cook College & Theological School Extension (TEE) Programs

January 1, 1970
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Theological Education by Extension (TEE) Programs

Cook College & Theological School cooperates with denominations that wish to develop and empower church leaders among their Native American laity without requiring them to leave home for training.

Representatives of these denominations join with Cook’s Theological School in affirming the reformation cry for a “priesthood of all believers”. The denominations select the instructors, the students, the curricula, and the classroom sites.

Cook’s Theological School orients the instructors to its adult education approach to TEE. Cook certifies the courses, provides the curricula or develops them in cooperation with the denominations, presents workshops on the reservation and on the Cook campus (particularly in the form of continuing education offered during January Winter Term), networks with Native ministries nationwide, and writes proposals jointly with the denominations for funding.

Certificate programs in TEE are offered by Cook’s Theological School in conjunction with participating denominations. The denominations, with Cook’s assistance, design the programs and set the requirements.

TEE is contextual. It is of, for, and by the community. By agreement, the local church and Cook’s Dean of Lay Leadership work together to provide workshops pertinent to the community’s needs. These workshops provide continuing education on-site, but more importantly, they motivate lay people of the community to train by extension in order to become self-reliant paraprofessionals.

Paraprofessionals are needed to make the church grow. They are needed in Christian education, youth work, stewardship and pulpit ministry, to name a few. Cook’s TEE program is in the business of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry …” (Eph. 4:12)

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