Congregational Leaders Conference

May 30, 2018 - May 31, 2018

Congregational Leaders Conference

May 30-31st, 2018

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Congregations

Each year, The Presbyterian College welcomes congregational leaders from across Canada for one week on campus in Montreal. These leaders, participants in our Mentoring Program, enjoy time away from their normal ministry contexts and create a little sacred space for personal spiritual renewal.

In the context of this valuable week of pastoral renewal, The Presbyterian College is offering a two-day Congregational Leadership Conference to leaders from around Montreal. Our theme is Healthy Leaders, Healthy Congregations. We will be exploring together the crucible of leadership and exploring practices of healthy leaders and healthy congregations.

Most pastors have read books, taken classes, and attended conferences on the subject of self-care. Our desire is to create a space, not just to receive new information, but to work on many of the things we already know.

During our conference we will be learning from each other and spending focused time on: the biblical/theological foundations of the call to lead, leadership practices that help us in the crucible of leadership, and emotional and relational practices of healthy leaders.

Wednesday-Thursday May 30-31, 2018

9am – 5pm

3495 University Street, Montreal

Cost: $150, lunches included

Emotional and Relational Practices of Healthy Leaders

Yvonne Masella – Pastor/Counsellor, River’s Edge Community Church

Yvonne is originally from South Africa, but has made her home serving the Church and communities of Montreal through such organizations as the Isaiah 40 Foundation and Logifemme. Yvonne is a presently serving in pastoral leadership at River’s Edge Community Church in Montreal

Exploring the Call to Ministry, Biblical/Theological Foundations

Dr. Roland De Vries – Director of Pastoral Studies, The Presbyterian College

Roland is a minister with the Presbyterian Church in Canada and has pastored two churches in Montreal, leading the second through a significant process of renewal. At The Presbyterian College, Roland oversees the field education program and teaches in areas such as mission, theology, and practice of ministry.

“Getting on the Balcony,” Moving between Reacting and Reflecting

Tim Keener – Director of the Leadership Centre, The Presbyterian College

Tim is a minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada and directs the Leadership Centre at The Presbyterian College. Tim has a background in organizational management and works in Congregational Vitality coaching. He is passionate about the intersection of organizational behaviour and the ministry of the Church.


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