Clergy Coaching Program

Clergy Coaching Program

Coaching facilitates change. It helps people move forward toward goals in both their work and personal lives by drawing on their own creativity and resourcefulness as the source of change. It involves setting aside time for learning using reflection, inquiry and intentional action. This strategy for learning is increasingly being recognized as essential for leaders from all walks of life, those on the front lines dealing with complexity, change and uncertainty.

The leadership challenges currently facing clergy and denominational leaders are unique and demanding. Elliott Clarke & Associates offers a coaching program that is grounded in an understanding of congregational and vocational context. The coaching process starts with what the client wants to explore. Based on principles of appreciative inquiry, it uses the client’s strengths and gifts as the foundation for moving forward and process tools to stimulate self-awareness, creative thinking, clarity about options and strategies for action.

Opportunities for coaching include:

beginning a challenging project or a new position in ministry

taking stock of one’s leadership and potential for growth

considering a move to a new opportunity

dealing with a difficult workplace issue or relationship

Duration of coaching depends on the need and could vary from a short-term engagement to a longer-term process over several months. Sessions can be held at the client’s office, at the Guesthouse of the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine (our Associate) or via phone/Skype. Visit our website for contact information:

Elliott Clarke & Associates provides consulting services designed to support health and growth in the life and work of the church. Elliott Clarke & Associates is accredited by the Ministry Development Council and is the first Ministry Development Center in Canada.

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