Changing Lives: Transformational Ministry and Today’s Teens

January 1, 1970

Changing Lives: Transformational Ministry & Today’s Teens

Leader: Judy Steers
(Pastoral Studies)

A wealth of ideas, skills and tools for vital youth ministry for volunteers and professionals involved in youth ministry. When teens are invited to learn from every experience, reflect on their learning, apply it to their decisions, and act in a spirit of service, they are transformed.

Transformational Ministry creates in young people a continuous spiral of growth in learning, prayer, leadership and service.

Drawing on our experience with youth across Canada at the Ask & Imagine Youth Leadership Training Program and other resources, you’ll find fresh ideas and a solid grounding for anyone in any kind of ministry with youth.

Text: Transformational Ministry and Today’s Teens, Dr. Lisa Calderone-Stewart, Pflaum, 2004.

Dates/Times: two Saturdays, 10 am-3 pm;

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Categories: Lifelong Learning  |  Workshops  |  Youth Ministry