Celtic Treasures

July 21, 2019 - July 27, 2019
Offered by Sorrento Centre

Celtic Treasures

A retreat exploring Celtic Spirituality with Lorie Martin & David Taylor
July 21 – 27, 2019
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Celtic Treasures – A retreat exploring Celtic Spirituality

with Lorie Martin & David Taylor

Come engage in Christian Celtic Spirituality themes through story, chants, and interactive experiences to connect more deeply with our True Essence, the Sacred Earth, and Oneness with God.

What is it about Celtic Spirituality that continues to rise from the ancient paths to lead us in the earthy embodied ways of living our authentic faith?  Perhaps it began with songs sung while washing the baby, when planting seeds, or with prayers said when bowing to the moon at night.

In this course we will learn and engage the deep wells of Christian Celtic Spirituality to be refreshed in our true Essence and re-oriented in the essential goodness of all of Creation. We will be recalled to the holy work of listening to the heartbeat of God in quiet, through community, in the sacred utterances of creation, through spiritual practices and compassionate action.

Time will be spent exploring Celtic themes through circle gatherings, Celtic chants, Morning Prayer overlooking the lake, and hands-on art and nature stations. Together we will build a Celtic Cross in nature connecting with the elements and praying for the Earth. The brave may even circle dance!

“Let us become aware of God’s Presence within and all around”
“May we open to what has never happened before.”
J P Newell

$15 material fee payable to the course leader.

Lorie Martin is a spiritual director and contemplative retreat leader with a passion to create sacred spaces to experience the loving presence of God for personal transformation and to bring hope and healing into our world. Lorie has been on retreat and attended three years of the School of Celtic Consciousness with John Philip Newell, who is today’s leading teacher/author on Celtic Spirituality. Lorie lives in Abbotsford with her husband, Dwight. They raised five children and now enjoy their grandchildren, making memories at their cottage, and sipping latte’s with friends. Recently Lorie has been part of launching St. Dunstan’s Centre for Spiritual Renewal and their beautiful grass-path labyrinth. The Centre offers retreats, spiritual care and practices, and labyrinth experiences. www.st-dunstans.ca 

David Taylor is the Rector of the Parish of St. Dunstan in Aldergrove and works with Lorie as the Executive Director of the new Centre for Spiritual Renewal at St. Dunstan’s. He is passionate about the spiritual breadth of Christianity and making faith practical.

Course fee: $335

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