Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies

January 1, 1970

University Of St. Michael’s College in the University Of Toronto

Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies

The Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies is designed for coordinators of youth ministry, volunteer youth ministers, pastors, pastoral workers, high school chaplains and teachers, guidance counselors, campus ministers and parents.

It provides an introductory understanding of core areas of Catholic beliefs as well as Scripture, Christology, Ecclesiology, Christian Ministry, Sacraments, Morality and Social Justice. Participants will develop techniques for a creative and comprehensive youth ministry in any setting whether it is in a church, a school, with families or in the community.

To obtain a certificate a student must:

Participate in all 8 courses.
Complete the learning journal questions.
Complete the assignments and required reading for each course.
Submit all journals and assignments by required deadline.
Attend small group learning team meetings.
Demonstrate a basic level of theological competence.


Seminar Weekend

D.Woodbeck (instructor)
October 1-2, 2005

Prayer and Worship,
M.Meyers (instructor)

Pastoral Care
J.Beneteau (instructor)
Jan.28-29, 2006

G.Rompre (instructor)
April 22-23, 2006

CYCLE I (2006-2007)


Principles of Youth Ministry

Practices of Youth Ministry

Foundations for Catholic Leadership

Skills for Christian Ministry

Chaplaincy Weekends

Chaplaincy I
Oct. 29-30, 2005

Chaplaincy II
Feb. 18-19, 2006

Required Courses

Principles of Youth Ministry
This course presents the fundamental principles for developing an effective, comprehensive ministry with younger and older adolescents. Course topics include: the pastoral foundations for ministry, healthy adolescent development, family friendly youth ministry, ministry with youth in the parish, school and civic community, media awareness and multi-cultural awareness.

Developing Youth Ministry
Developing Youth Ministry deals with the skills and processes for collaborating with a youth ministry team and with the community to do effective youth ministry. Course topics include: preparing and nurturing adult and young leaders in ministry, and developing youth ministry through a process, which includes planning, implementing and evaluating.

Foundations of Christian Leadership
This course invites Christian leaders to look at the principles and priorities that guide their lives. It presents a model of principle-centered leadership and Christian spirituality that provides tools for synchronizing activities with principle and priorities. Participants develop a personal mission statement and strategies for self-care, personal renewal, leadership development and growth in ministry.

Skills for Christian Ministry
This course addresses the theories and skills that ministers need to work with and through people. Participants will develop: a practical, working understanding of leadership processes and skills necessary for empathic communication; group dynamics and development; facilitation of group processes; win/win negotiating and conflict management.

Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth through Prayer and Worship
This course investigates the role that Christian worship and sacraments have in fostering the spiritual growth of youth. Participants develop the theoretical and practical skills necessary for preparing and celebrating liturgy, prayer and worship experiences, for designing youth retreat experiences and for fostering the prayer life of youth. The goal of the course is to develop a realistic, integrated, and practical approach to worship within a comprehensive ministry to youth.

Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth through Evangelization and Catechesis
This course explores the theological understandings of faith discipleship and Catholic identity and a contemporary vision and approach for evangelization and catechesis with young people. Participants develop practical approaches, strategies and skills for doing outreach with youth, sharing the Good News (story-telling), creating evangelization experiences, and designing effective learning experiences for adolescents.

Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth through Justice and Service
This course explores the theological and scriptural foundations for engaging young people in the work of justice and service. Participants develop the practical processes and skills for creating justice education programming, developing service and action opportunities, and nurturing the social consciousness and spirituality of young people.

Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth through Pastoral Care
This course explores the principles and methods of caring for young people and their families. The course goals are to equip ministers with tools for promoting healthy adolescent development and developing preventative interventions for families with adolescents.

An enhancement, though not a requirement of the Youth Ministry Certificate, the Chaplaincy Seminar has been designed specifically for those engaged in pastoral ministry in a school setting.

TUITION: $350.00 per weekend which includes cost of books and lunch

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Graduate credits are available at:
Newman Theological College Edmonton, AB
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Toronto School of Theology (apply through University of St. Michael’s College, Faculty of Theology)

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