C.S. Lewis Summer Seminars

July 6, 2013 - July 20, 2013



C.S. Lewis Summer Seminars (Oxford, England)


July 6-12 and 14-20, 2013


chair at kilns

A One-of-a-Kind Small Group
Experience in C.S. Lewis’ Home

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to explore the life and works of C.S. Lewis with a small group of fellow travelers at C.S. Lewis’ beloved home, The Kilns!

Join us for a week of learning, fellowship, and renewal in the world renowned “City of the Dreaming Spires”– Oxford, England.  Study with Rev. Earl Palmer and Kim Gilnett, who will lead you in an engaging exploration of the essential themes of Lewis’ writings and life.

Experience the pleasures of new friendships, fine dining, and warm hospitality as you find respite from the hectic pace of modern day life. Whether enjoying the many cultural treasures of Oxford, venturing on a guided tour of the city of Cambridge, punting on the Cam, or having tea in the garden with your companions, you will find your visit to The Kilns to be one of life’s rare treasures.

For over twenty five years, the C.S. Lewis Foundation has successfully offered programs that engage the mind and nurture the soul, while also providing unique opportunities for creative cultural pursuits.

Continuing a tradition that integrates a lively approach to learning with an emphasis upon spiritual growth, we are pleased to announce our twelfth Summer Seminars at “The Kilns.”

For an unforgettable inside visit to the world of Lewis’ Oxford and Cambridge, this most unique program offers the definitive experience. You simply won’t want to miss it!

Week One: July 6-12, 2013

Speakers: Rev. Earl Palmer, Kim Gilnett

Week Two: July 14-20, 2013

Speakers: Rev. Earl Palmer, Kim Gilnett

pathCS Lewis, Mere Christian, with Rev. Earl Palmer and Kim Gilnett

Explore with us the Oxford and Cambridge worlds of CS Lewis: his life journey, the people in his life, his brilliance as a writer, his war time speeches, his stories of the marvelous. Spend seven days with his home the Kilns Oxford as our base. Enrollment for each week is limited to 15 people. Our guides are Rev. Earl Palmer and Kim Gilnett.

More details on registration are coming soon!




“Jack and I went out and saw the place on Sunday morning, and I instantly caught the infection: we did not go inside the house, but the eight acre garden is such stuff as dreams are made of.” –Major Warren Lewis, from Brothers and Friends

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