Building Intergenerational gaps within Ethnic Immigrant Churches

April 29, 2020 - April 29, 2020
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Every church is shaped by generational differences. This can take the shape of the often asked question of why an age group is not present (every generation in Canada has its own “culture”). Perhaps in the distant past yours was an immigrant church and the negotiation of generation differences continue to shape the present culture in conscious and unconscious ways. Today “ethnic” churches encounter profound generational differences or a “non-ethnic” church might include members who are experiencing generational migrant differences. While this webinar focuses on ethnic immigrant churches, it will be an important discussion for all church communities.

In this session Dr. Ben C. H. Kuo, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Windsor, will address ways to: a) better understand common intergeneration gaps that occur among, immigrants, children, youth, parents, and families; b) identify how similar intergenerational issues can be observed and reproduced in church and congregational life; and c) respond and manage intergenerational conflicts/gaps in ethnic churches through communication, relationship building, and increased cultural empathy. The webinar will be on Wednesday, April 29th 4pm EDT (1pm PDT, 2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, 5pm ADT, 5:30pm NDT).

For information and to register, click here. Also, please share widely and advertise this webinar to your network and communities. Download a flyer of the webinar here. If you have any question or concern, contact Pablo Kim-Sun