Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism

January 1, 1970
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Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism

Over 167,000 pastors have affirmed that their experience at the Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism have encouraged their spiritual lives and have given them the tools and resources needed for a more effective evangelistic ministry in their communities.

Every minister, no matter how effective, needs to “drink from new springs” from time to time. Billy Graham understood this and has strived to meet that need within our Schools. The new curriculum is more focused on the individual pastor’s needs, especially in the small church.

Pastors who attend Schools become more effective in personal evangelism and in leading their church’s evangelistic efforts by learning from some the world’s acclaimed teachers. Church members find that their pastor is better able to minister to them because of the improved methods and approaches learned in this transforming time.

We encourage all pastors to attend, and upon returning you’ll find that you are more contagious in your love and excitement for Christ than ever.

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