Am I Me, or Am I Role? – Discerning God’s Call to True Vocation

April 30, 2013 - May 3, 2013
West Park NY 12493


Led by Jane Tomaine

Tuesday, April 30 to Friday, May 3, 2013

How do you find and follow your true vocation, that right work to which God is calling you? You may be right where God desires you to be or God may be asking you to follow a new path. How do you know which is true? Vocation is available to all Christians and not just to the ordained, so it’s critical that we discover and develop this true vocation both in what we do and how we view our life.

At this program you will reflect on where you are in your life today and explore the desires for something deeper or different that may be tugging at your heart. You’ll learn tools for discernment that are found in the Rule of St. Benedict as well as in wonderful contemporary resources. And you’ll have an opportunity to share your story and to learn from your sisters and brothers who are also discerning their true vocations. The goals of the program are to provide space and time for reflection and learning and also to take some initial steps in responding to God’s call.

What is your vocation, that right work where you can use the gifts that God has given to you? Come to this program and step into the life of abundance and joy as you follow the path that is true for you.

Cost: $350, deposit: $80