2013 Birks Annual Lecture

October 15, 2013 - October 16, 2013
Montreal QC


Birks Annual Lecture Series

An annual series was established in 1950 through the generosity of the late William M. Birks. The lectures are given by distinguished visitors, usually in late September or early October. The first lecturer was the Right Reverend Leslie Hunter. More recent lecturers have included Huston Smith, Northrop Frye, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, Gregory Baum, Jurgen Moltmann, Robert McFee Brown, Krister Stendahl, James Barr, Charles J. Adams, John H. Hick, Jon Levenson, David Little, Azim Nanji, Paul Griffiths, Bernadette J. Brooten, Harvey G. Cox, John S. Hawley, Gabriel Vahanian, Oliver O’Donovan, Jan Assmann, Donald Lopez and Rémi Brague.


Public lecture by Professor David Fergusson, October 15 and 16
The Theology of Providence: Perspectives and Problems

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