Anglican Studies

Taught by Archbishop Lynne McNaughton and Rev. Dr. Iain Luke.

Ministering by Word and Example

This program engages students in theory, theology, practice, reflection, and action in ways that are useful for ministerial formation in a variety of learning contexts. This program: Explores the foundations for diaconal service in the Anglican tradition Develops capacity for Biblical and theological reflection; pastoral and social responses, especially with vulnerable people; and leadership in …
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An introduction to the planning of congregational music for worship leaders and practitioners. This course will explore the connections between the liturgical year (as set by the Revised Standard Lectionary), the biblical readings and a variety of music and liturgical resources and settings. The content material will draw, primarily, on liturgical resources within the Anglican …

Devotional Poetry: John Donne, George Herbert, and Anne Bradstreet

The devotional poetry of the seventeenth century is famous for its impeccable artistry and devotional power. Expand your heart and mind as you contemplate works from three of this era’s best-loved devotional poets: John Donne, George Herbert, and Anne Bradstreet. Explore Puritan piety, spiritual conflict, and divine love through Donne’s “Holy Sonnets,” Herbert’s “The Temple,” …
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Church History: Anglican Identity

In this course, students will explore Anglican identity by practicing spiritual disciplines associated with key luminaries in the Anglican tradition. Students will be invited to pray Matins from Thomas Cranmer’s first prayer book, read the poetry of George Herbert and John Donne, sing the hymns of Charles Wesley, study Scripture with William Temple, practice contemplation with Evelyn Underhill, lament with C.S. Lewis and Desmond …
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Anglican Pastoral Theology

This course is for all pastoral caregivers, for those who are fulfilling a call to tend to the sick, and those who make pastoral visitations in your congregation. This 10-week course will be taught by Jay Geisler on Wednesday nights from 7-8PM, starting on May 25. This course will be conducted weekly on Zoom. Class …
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Living a Life of Forgiving: Honoring the Life, Ministry and Legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu–Not for credit

Our sense of “being” is grounded in a healthy self-esteem and satisfaction with our lives. These can be burdened by our feeling wounded with hidden grief and mourning. Today’s uncertainty and anxiety make it even more difficult for us to engage in self-care, and to theologically frame our understanding of self-care as something positive and …
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