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Transitions: Life's Detours... Carefree, AZ , USA Apr 25 - Apr 27
Lutherhostel Carefree, AZ , USA Feb 28 - Mar 11
Exploring Transitions: Living... Carefree, AZ, USA Feb 8 - Feb 10
Kootenay School of Minsitry:... Kelowna , Canada Sep 30 - Oct 3
Kootenay School of Minisry:... Kelowna , Canada Aug 26 - Aug 29
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Northern priest survives winter storm

By Tali Folkins The Rev. Moses Kakekaspan, who survived a night in a brutal winter storm this week, relaxes with his wife, Thelma, and their great-grandson. Photo: Cecilia Chapman A 71-year old northern priest who survived a night outside this week in a -43 C winter storm said his experience was meant as a lesson in […]

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PWRDF sees surge in donations for refugees

By Tali Folkins Syrian refugee in Suruc, the largest refugee camp in Turkey.  Photo: Orlok/Shutterstock​ In the past four months, Canadian Anglicans have donated more than 76 times as much for Syrian relief than they did in the first eight months of 2015—and the spike is translating directly into more aid for desperate Syrian families.Since Sept. […]

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