The best things in life aren’t things!

The best thing is giving to others, lifting them up, giving them a chance, helping them take one more step forward. The Anglican Foundation of Canada gives you the opportunity to do this with your annual donation at Thanksgiving.

Your donation makes it possible for a young person to attend choir school, to get help with homework in a safe environment, to provide a child breakfast before school, medical and spiritual care for a young person in hospice care.

Your donation can help aspiring leaders to attend national worship conferences, CLAY, and educational events across the country. Your gift gives churches the opportunity re-purpose their space to allow for enhanced community involvement and neighbourhood outreach.

Your gifts make all the difference in the world! And it’s so easy and so satisfying.  A gift at Thanksgiving is a great way to give thanks by giving to others.

Watch out for AFC this fall at the diocesan synods of Toronto and Niagara.


Anglican Church of Canada, Info! News from General Synod, October 01, 2018


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